Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah Image Credit: KUNA/Twitter

Dubai: Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah reiterated his commitment to the constitution, considering the freedoms and interests of the Kuwaiti people and pursuing constructive cooperation with the parliament.

“We pledge to God first and then to the Emir of Kuwait, Your Highness, and the people of Kuwait to be trustworthy in carrying responsibility, bearing in mind the need to address the pending issues in view of the magnitude of the challenges,” Sheikh Ahmad said during the swearing-in ceremony of the 15 newly appointed ministers.

Speaking before Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Sheikh Ahmad said: “We are committed to the constitution, considering the liberties and interests of the Kuwaiti people, as well as to give priority to building a constrictive and positive cooperation with the National Assembly, the country’s institutions and all spectrums of society to achieve the desired goals.”

Kuwait formed its new government on Monday after the previous Cabinet was dissolved following the third parliamentary elections in three years amid internal strife that has paralysed the country’s political system.

The 15-member Cabinet, which was appointed by the Prime Minister, will join the 50 members of parliament elected earlier this month to form the National Assembly. It is the fifth Cabinet in less than a year.

Most of the 15 Cabinet members, and the Prime Minister, are reappointed. The new members include Sheikh Ahmed Al Fahad Al Ahmad Al Sabah, who was named as Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, and Saeed Hamad Al Barrak who was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil and Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Investment.

Dr. Amani Suleiman Buqammaz, Minister of Public Affairs, is the only woman who joined the new Cabinet.