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An Arab pharmacist has been arrested in Kuwait for dispensing narcotic pills to women in return for sexual favours. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Arab pharmacist working in a government hospital has been arrested in Kuwait by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for dispensing narcotic pills to some women and luring them to come to his apartment for sexual favours, Al Anba daily reported.

According to security sources, the suspect was stealing these pills from the pharmacy and to avoid being caught or held accountable for these pills, he was requesting doctors working in the hospital to write prescription to cover his deeds.

The daily added, the pharmacist was arrested after a female police agent approached the pharmacist at his workplace and asked the pharmacist to give her the narcotic pills and the former agreed on condition that she visit him in the apartment.

He also said she can collect the pills from his apartment and also told her she has to agree to ‘have fun’ with him if she wants her requests to be fulfilled. The daily added, the entire process was video and audio recorded.

As soon as this information was received, the criminal security sector agent was notified, and launched investigation into the incident.

Female agent

The source stated the female agent agreed to the deal and contacted him by phone. As soon as she entered the pharmacist’s apartment, the security sources after taking permission from the Public Prosecution raided the apartment and the pharmacist was arrested.

During interrogation, the pharmacist confessed to his illegal activity for the past eight months. The accused pharmacist also admitted women who were addicted to these pills know each other and some of them lured more women to him.

In response to a question as to how he managed to take these pills out of the pharmacy since there is strict control on them, he said he was using the goodwill of the fellow doctors. After completing the investigations and obtaining detailed confessions from the doctor, he has been referred to the Public Prosecution Office and the Ministry of Health is being notified of all the details related to the behavior of the Arab pharmacist.