Manama: Hussain Al Qallaf, the Kuwaiti lawmaker who resigned on Wednesday minutes after the vote on a no-cooperation motion against the prime minister, attributed his decision to the endless cycle of tensions gripping Kuwait.

In his resignation addressed to the parliament speaker, Al Qallaf said that Kuwait was in a terrible condition of "instability, tension, conflicts, sectarianism, tribalism and slogans of hatred."

"We have been put, as Members of Parliament, in a critical condition and can no longer exercise our legislative duties," Al Qallaf said in his letter to Jassim Al Khorafi.

"We have become in the eyes of some people mere opportunists at the full service of the government."

Al Qallaf said that the situation would be compounded as the crisis gripping the country will not end with the grilling of the prime minister or the vote on the no-cooperation motion.

"The episodes of aggravation will not stop and our projection as 'lawyers for the government' by those keen on perpetuating crises in the country cannot be accepted, so I prefer to hand in my resignation," he wrote.

Al Qallaf and 24 other lawmakers from the 50 in the parliament voted to defeat the motion seeking to oust Prime Minister Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammad for lack of cooperation with the parliament.

The opposition garnered 22 votes, while one MP abstained from voting. The 49th MP was out of Kuwait and the 50th is a minister who had no right to vote on the motion against the government.