STOCK Kuwait dinar
Case acquitting expat of forging documents. Image Credit: shutterstock

Dubai: Kuwait’s Court of Appeals has upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted an expat of forging a customary document in the amount of KD170,000 (Dh2m).

The document was “an acknowledgment of receipt of a debt” and it was falsely attributed to the plaintiff, reported Kuwaiti newspaper Al Seyassah daily.

The plaintiff’s legal counsel stated that the defendant had issued a total performance order against the plaintiff, obligating him to pay him KD 170,000.

The accused had fabricated an acknowledgment of receipt of the debt, based on which the payment order was issued, by adding the phrase “and the cash amounts until the value of the cheque is cashed,” as a result, the incident was reported.

During the court session, defendant’s lawyer Inaam Haider highlighted the error, the contradiction in the descriptive registration, the lax reporting, and its fabrication.