Image Credit: Gulf News

Manama: Kuwait is taking up the controversial dual citizenship issue with other Gulf countries in an unprecedented move as it builds up pressure on Kuwaiti dual citizenship holders to select only one nationality.

"The interior ministry has drawn up a list of 2,000 Kuwaitis who might also have the nationality of another Gulf country," unnamed security sources told Al Shahed, a Kuwaiti daily.

"The ministry is now contacting its counterpart in this Gulf country to check whether these Kuwaiti nationals officially have the nationality of that country. If the records prove that they are dual citizenship holders, they will be summoned to explain the violation of the law and the Kuwaiti nationality could be withdrawn," the sources said, but declined to name the Gulf country. 

Kuwait does not allow dual citizenship.

The drive to tackle the dual citizenship issue was launched earlier this year by the interior ministry amid a strong division within the parliament and the local population over its merit.

"The success of this first operation involving a Gulf country would pave the way for similar action with other Gulf and Arab countries," the sources said.

In March, Interior Minister Shaikh Jaber Al Khalid Al Sabah said that the government would withdraw Kuwaiti citizenship from dual citizenship holders and others who obtained the citizenship illegally through influence.

The minister said that the process would be closely monitored to avoid unfairness and that it would be implemented without exceptions.

The minister reportedly said that every "Kuwaiti with another nationality is included in the process, regardless whether it is Arab, Asian or other."

“This is the reason I took the oath and it’s my responsibility as the Minister of Interior to ensure dual citizenship holders will lose their Kuwaiti citizenship, if they decline to follow procedures," he said.

In September, Kuwait announced a decision to summon seven Kuwaiti citizens who were granted the Egyptian citizenship after it was passed on from their Egyptian mother in accordance with Egypt's citizenship law.