Senior students in Kuwait's public schools arrive for the first day of their graduation exams in Kuwait City on June 9, 2021. Image Credit: kuwait

Cairo: As Kuwait is bracing for the reopening of schools for a new semester next Sunday, unvaccinated teachers and students above age of 16 are required to show a negative coronavirus-detecting PCR test result to be allowed in, a local newspaper has said.

“This requirement is still mandatory until now,” Al Anba quoted well-innformed sources as saying.

“The requirement of presenting a negative result certificate to enter schools will be applied unless the government sees upon a recommendation from health authorities to take another decision as unvaccinated teachers and students above 16 are the only two categories obligated to present this test,” the sources added.

The government has already scrapped this requirement for schoolchildren under 16.

Last month, the Kuwaiti government lifted most anti-coronavirus restrictions and relaxed travel curbs after a significant decline in infection rates.

Accordingly, unvaccinated people are allowed to enter malls, cinemas and theatres provided they present a negative PCR result.

Social gatherings inside indoor and outdoor places and full capacity of public transport are also allowed in compliance with health requirements. Physical distancing in mosques has been cancelled.

The second semester in Kuwait was originally scheduled to kick off on February 13. But the Education Ministry postponed it to March 6 for a public holiday marking the Independence Day, the Liberation Day and Al Israa Wal Miraj (Prophet Mohammed’s night journey, PBUH).