People queue to receive a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at an inoculation centre in Kuwait City in a file photo. Image Credit: AFP

Kuwait City: Kuwait has one of the lowest number of COVID-19 related deaths compared to a majority of Arab countries, data released by state-run health centres indicate.

According to Kuwait’s Ministry of Health, the country has reported 406,883 cases, including 2,393 deaths, so far — the mortality rate being around 0.59 per cent.

In comparison to neighbouring countries, only the UAE and Bahrain have lower COVID-19 fatality rates than Kuwait. The worst-hit Arab countries are Egypt as the death rate is around 5.86 per cent and Somalia 5.44 per cent.

Cases have been declining in all six Gulf countries, signalling a positive development.

Based on August 17 figures, Bahrain reported the lowest number of cases amongst all six countries, with 105 cases in the past 24 hours. Kuwait ranks third in terms of lowest number of cases, following Oman.

Most countries are also witnessing a drop in number of hospitalisations, with many reporting low ICU occupancy.

The decline in cases comes as Gulf countries ramp up vaccinations, with all six countries authorising vaccinating children above the age of 12.