Manama: King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa said that the events that have recently unfolded in Yemen have indicated that Saudi Arabia and other members of the coalition had made the right decision.

“The events in brotherly Yemen, that included the coup against legitimacy and foreign interference, have proven the soundness of the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its wise leadership to intervene alongside other Arab brotherly countries through Operation Decisive Storm and Operation Restoring Hope to reaffirm legitimacy and put an end to foreign interference and ambitions,” the Bahraini monarch said as he addressed the parliament,

“The Kingdom of Bahrain had a firm stance in this regard. It has engaged brave servicemen from Bahrain Defence Force in the military operations of the campaign in line with its commitment to assuming the duty and honour of defending the region, restoring the legitimacy in Yemen, as well as protecting its people and restoring its security,” he said.

Such contributions by the kingdom were coupled with its commitment to the extensive and ongoing humanitarian relief operations to ease the suffering of the Yemeni people and ensure the speedy restoration of the country’s security, stability and prosperity in line with the charters and conventions, and within the framework of the joint Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) action, and most importantly the Arab unity, brotherhood, identity and destiny, the king added.

Bahrain has had an active role in the Saudi Arabia-led coalition to restore legitimacy in the country in the fight against Houthi rebels, sending troops and military planes as well as large quantities of humanitarian aid.

Two of King Hamad’s sons, Shaikh Nasser and Shaikh Khalid, both members of the military elite, have also had a prominent role in the field operations.

“Today, and inconsideration of the great extent of sacrifices made by our brave heroes who are performing their national and humanitarian duties to the fullest, we wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the Bahraini families of these officers,” King Hamad said.

“We share with these families the national responsibility of letting our sons join theirs as fighters in the front-line. We were keen to keep them at the forefront of fighters, in line with the traditions of our fathers and forefathers during such significant and fateful times that are recalled with immense pride in our honourable military history. We also share with the families the feelings of suffering, separation and hope for our sons to return home safe and victorious,” he said.

King Hamad added that Bahrain would pay a fitting tribute to its fallen heroes by marking an annual Martyrs’ Day on December 17.

“It is a source of pride and duty to recall our honourable martyrs whose names and sacrifices will remain shining in the history of Bahrain, and in their memory, we have decided to set December 17 of each year, a date that coincides with our Accession Day, as the Martyrs’ Day to commemorate and honour our martyrs in recognition of their sacrifices and loyalty to their country and nation,” King Hamad said.