Bahrain’s Minister of Labor and Social Development Jameel Humaidan called on the media to stop spreading panic among employees. Image Credit: Social media

Abu Dhabi: Bahrain’s Minister of Labor and Social Development categorically dismissed as rumours reports about a wave of layoffs of Bahraini workers in the private sector, soon after the end of a three- month government COVID-19 relief package to the sector.

Minister Jameel Humaidan called on the media to stop spreading panic among employees.

Al Humaidan said the ministry received a small number of complaints until the beginning of this month, denying what has been circulated on social media about large layoffs in the private sector during the past few days.

He said the proactive government initiatives through the launch of a financial and economic package in support of citizens and the private sector to deal with the impact of the current conditions have contributed to stability in the labour market.

Affirming that the circulation of false information about a wave of layoffs in the private sector caused panic for employees, which may affect their productivity in all sectors, Al Humaidan called on all those who were laid off to communicate immediately with the ministry through available channels.

He said the ministry is monitoring the conditions of workers in the private sector and working to resolve labour disputes, which are still at their usual levels.

The number of applicants for compensation against unemployment is still at its low limits, which shows the cooperation and corporate social responsibility of Bahraini businesses.

He clarified that the government is able to overcome the health crisis the country is going through in solidarity with everyone, by addressing its effects and overcoming it.

“There will be no dip in the standard of living of citizens, as well as businesses n view of the exceptional circumstances resulting from the global pandemic,” Al Humaidan said.

He said all COVID-19 relief funds were transferred to the companies’ accounts smoothly, due to the integrated database that Bahrain possesses, whereby every citizen is registered with the Social Insurance Authority.

“The pace of employment has not stopped despite the coronavirus crisis, as the ministry continued to hold electronic job fairs that allowed all unemployed people to register and participate in the offered job bank, and a good number of citizens were employed in all sectors during the last period,” the minister said.