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Dubai: A beggar has been arrested and sentenced to one year in prison in Bahrain followed by deportation for attacking a policeman who tried to arrest him as part of a security operation to eliminate vagrancy, local media reported.

According to court records, a police patrol was sent to an area in Qalali in Muharraq, where there had been reports of beggars.

Soon after seeing the defendant standing in front of a mosque, the police officer approached him. However, the defendant tried to flee.

The victim managed to stop the defendant who tried to escape again by assaulting the policeman, but the latter tackled him. A report of the assault was issued and the defendant was referred to prosecution.

He was charged with assaulting a police officer on duty in September wherein the assault did lead to the victim’s inability to carry out duties for more than 20 days. The Court of First Instance ruled that the defendant be imprisoned for a year and deported permanently from the country afterwards. The Court of Appeal upheld this ruling.