Manama: A Bahraini court has sentenced a woman to two weeks in prison on charges of public indecency after she had been spotted dancing on a road in the conservative country, Bahraini newspaper Al Ayam reported Monday.

The 30-year-old woman, who is a Gulf national, was seen in a video making “indecent” movements on the busy road as she danced inside a car driven by a male friend, the paper said.

The woman swayed to music blaring out of the car radio as she appeared through a hole in the roof of the car, covering her face.

Prosecutors charged the woman and her Gulf friend of committing public indecency in the incident that occurred last month in the neighbourhood of Juffair near Manama.

The woman admitted in investigations to having stood up through the car roof and danced while they were on their way back to a hotel after spending an evening out in Juffair.

The Junior Criminal Court convicted her of public indecency and acquitted the co-defendant, according to the paper.