Manama: Bahrain has deported four foreigners after they lied on the visa forms they had to fill in at the airport, an immigration official has said.

"Tighe Barry, William James Kelly, Susan Medea Benjaim and Elaine Murtagh obtained visas upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport last week," the official said. "The visas were issued for the purposes of tourism, but the four foreigners once allowed into the country, participated in illegal demonstrations."

The deportation takes up to 12 the number of foreigners asked to leave Bahrain last week for lying on the visa forms. "The foreigners have taken advantage of the visa upon arrival system to break the laws and enter Bahrain," the official said.

Bahrain grants nationals from 34 countries visas at its land, airport and sea entry points. However, several lawmakers are now pushing for amending the rules, arguing that "several people have flagrantly abused the system and that foreigners should apply for visas before arriving in Bahrain in a reciprocal move since Bahrainis have to apply for visas before going to their countries."