Dubai: Bahrain has dismissed reports that it had denied proper medical care for an inmate who has been in prison since 2011.

“Hassan Mushaima is receiving full healthcare and is not denied medical care in any way,” the Director-General of Reformation and Rehabilitation has said.

“His medical report shows that he suffers from chronic diseases and as a result, he regularly undergoes medical check-ups, the director general said in a statement issued by the police media centre at the Ministry of Interior.

Mushaima was one of the major figures involved in anti-government protests in Bahrain in February and March 2011. He was put on trial and sentenced to life in prison.

In the statement, the director-general said that “regarding the following up of Mushaima’s cancer treatment with which he had been diagnosed years before his conviction, the department agreed to a request and referred him to an oncologist and he is given his prescribed medicines.”

He added that Mushaima has an upcoming medical appointment in September and that his most recent medical check-up was on August 6.

“The appointment showed that his health condition is stable. His medications were dispensed at the time and those which were not available were ordered,” the statement said.

“Mushaima has had 22 appointments since 2018, but has refused to keep a number of them. The missed appointments continue to be rescheduled.”