Cairo: The Yemeni government has accused Al Houthi militia and their sponsor Iran of exploiting a UN-brokered peace deal signed in Sweden in December.

At the time, the deal, known as the Stockholm Agreement, was seen as a breakthrough for ending Yemen’s conflict that erupted in late 2014. But the accord has since bogged down over Al Houthis’ procrastination.

“The Sweden agreement is no longer a step towards peace, but it has become a weapon in the hand of Al Houthi militia and Tehran’s regime to threaten peace and security in Yemen, the region and the world,” Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al Eryani said on Tuesday.

He added that Al Houthis have not only intensified their attacks against Yemenis at home, but have also escalated their hostile acts against civilians in neighbouring countries.

“Over the past six months, ballistic missiles and Iran-made drones have been used in attacks [against Saudi Arabia], disregarding interests of more than 2 million Yemeni expatriates supporting 10 million people at home,” Al Eryani added in a series of tweets.

On Sunday, one Syrian resident was killed and 21 civilians injured in a drone attack by Al Houthis on a Saudi airport.