London: A teenager is facing a life sentence for kicking and stamping a defenceless man to death while his friend took a picture of the attack on his mobile phone.

Andrew Elvin, 17, stripped Luke Salisbury naked and kicked his head for more than three minutes in the attack after dragging him down a flight of stairs.

An Old Bailey trial heard how Salisbury had banged his head on every step and was left to die in a communal hall.

Elvin was found guilty of murder while his friend Caine Hallet, 18, was convicted of manslaughter. A third person Danielle Reeves, 18, was cleared of murder but will face a retrial in May after a verdict on an alternative count of manslaughter could not be reached.


The court heard how Salisbury, who had psychiatric, drug and alcohol problems, had moved into his friend Ian Regan's flat in The Oaks Square, Epsom, after an argument with his girlfriend.

Reeves was also staying in the flat after a row with her mother and she got upset when Salisbury was found with a hypodermic needle in his pocket.

A few days before Salisbury was attacked on March 1, he had had an argument with Elvin's sister, Jemma, and had spat in her face.

There were seven people in the flat on the night of the killing who had been celebrating England's 2-1 victory over Uruguay in a World Cup warm-up match.

Elvin told Salisbury he wanted to hit him in retaliation for the incident with his sister at Epsom station. He lunged at Salisbury who tried to push him away, but accidentally touched Reeves on her breast as he did so.

She pushed him back against a wall as Elvin threw punches at him. He then followed Salisbury into his bedroom saying he wanted to kill him. Moments later, Salisbury came out with blood pouring from his nose. He was punched to the floor by Elvin who stamped on his head.

Salisbury managed to get to his feet but he was pushed out of the flat by Elvin and Reeves. Elvin stated he was "going to finish off Luke' and was joined by Hallet as they attacked him in the communal stairway.

Another guest, Bradley Evans, filmed Salisbury's last moments on his mobile phone.

When paramedics arrived they found Salisbury suffering from a fractured skull. He died in hospital last March 5.