Marco van der Linden, Managing Director, Bilfinger ME

At Bilfinger, our ambition is to become the number one industrial services provider in the Middle East and beyond. We will fulfil this ambition by helping our customers to achieve their goals of becoming more efficient and more sustainable.

Bilfinger has an extensive and successful track-record in providing efficiency-improvement and sustainable solutions for virtually all industries involved in the energy generation, storage, transport and conversion businesses.

You can find Bilfinger’s involvement at all stages of the lifecycle of an asset: from inception and engineering to construction, maintenance and dismantling of industrial facilities.

For example, we have helped our customers to become more efficient by reducing their energy consumption while increasing their production levels and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint.

We have been able to do this successfully as we are close to our customers (we spend a significant amount of time at the production sites of our customers) and have a thorough understanding of their needs and how to help them improve their operations in line with their specific needs.

This is also the reason why our customers keep coming back to us: we deliver value for money.

Looking at the future, this will only become more important for all of us. So Bilfinger has invested in a large number of efficiency and sustainable initiatives of its own, from digitalisation of maintenance processes to educating the local population about the importance of sustainable living.

Bilfinger also leads by example when it comes to integration of all what we do into the local communities and what is important and relevant for them to create a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

Our vision is to make this work together with our customers, our suppliers, our employees and other stakeholders. We can then build on this for our next ambition.