Renata Abulaesova, Client Director, DRP Advisers

Selecting an ideal EU Visa program can be somewhat challenging. One must consider several factors, such as the investment required and duration before citizenship is awarded to an investor, and compare the overall advantages and disadvantages.

Portugal is rich in culture, has welcoming people, and has been ranked as the leading tourist destination several times. As opposed to other EU visa programmes, the Portugal Golden Visa grants an investor and his family, including parents, spouse, and children, the right to live, study and work freely in Portugal with the option of acquiring Portugal EU Citizenship after five years. Other EU golden visa programmes cost more and take longer to award citizenship.

DRP Advisers’ Client Director Renata Abulaesova has some recommendations to make it easy to decide where to invest in Portugal to make a return on investment and attain the right to live and work freely and eventually get Portugal EU citizenship.

Madeira residential properties

Endowed with an archipelago comprising four islands off the northwestern African coast, Madeira is autonomous and strategically located. Winner of the Best Island destination in the world Award, Madeira permanently experiences spring climate. Besides having excellent real estate growth attributed to tourism, one can experience the Island as well as the continental aspects of the city.

Hotel investments

This option enables investors and their families gain residency and citizenship in Portugal while offering the privilege of investing in some of the best hotel projects. Investors get to own a part of big-name hotel brands such as the Hilton, Wyndham, Hyatt, and many others. The Hotel Investment option is flexible since investors can buy a share of a hotel or a freehold property with an incentive to save on taxes.

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Often referred to as the hidden gem, Evora is a richly historical city with a history dating back 5,000 years. In Evora, museums, religious sites, stunning architecture, and historical monuments are within walking distance. Evora is a small city with vast amounts of tourism and students, making it highly sought after for investment in accommodation.

Algarve tourist apartments

Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, famous for its golf resorts, sandy Atlantic beaches, and picturesque fishing towns. Algarve is a great destination to invest in accommodation, restaurants and activities that engage tourists, such as beaches, and sailing, considering that Algarve has a large volume of tourists each year.

Established in 2015, DRP Advisers has assisted people from different countries to immigrate to Portugal through investments. DRP Advisers are well-connected and have the clout to make the immigration process less stressful by providing a wide range of highly credible investment portfolios. Investors get to save on taxes, among other incentives and become eligible for citizenship after only five years.

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