For Filipino couple, love proves stronger than typhoon
For Filipino couple, love proves stronger than typhoon Image Credit: Facebook

Nothing could stop a young couple from the Philippines from getting married – not even a typhoon. Recently, pictures of a bride lifting her dress and the groom trying to help her through floods on their way to their wedding have gone viral.

Shared initially on October 24, pictures of the lovestruck duo making their way to their local church went viral on Facebook.

The couple belong to the remote area of Mabinay, in the province of Negros Oriental, which has been struck by heavy rainfall and stormy weather before Typhoon Quinta (Molave) hit last week. However, the pair did not want to postpone their wedding.

On October 23, Ronil Guillipa and Jeziel Masuela, dressed in a wedding gown and suit, were photographed walking through water, donning bright smiles as they went to the church.

Even their relatives and guests braved the floodwaters to share the moment with the couple, the Philippine Star reported.

Josephine Sabanal, the bride’s relative, shared the images of the couple crossing the Luyang River, which was flooded at that time due to heavy showers.

According to CNN Philippines, Sabanal said that the wedding started late and that the wedding party had to stay inside the church after the ceremony because of the weather conditions.

The groom told a local media outlet that he was scared at first because he thought his bride-to-be would not go through with the ceremony due to the flood. However, for the bride, “her love for Ronil is bigger than the flood”.

The strong typhoon affected several areas of the country, displacing thousands of people, leaving several fishermen missing and causing at least six vessels to sink or run aground in storm-stuck waters, according to media reports.