Dubai: Ahead of Pakistan’s general elections #HerVote is trending across social platforms as netizens urge each and every eligible member to come out and vote, especially women.

Pakistani women make more than 48 per cent of the country’s population and the hashtag aims to raise awareness around the importance of their votes.

The campaign was started by a youth group called Bargad Organization for Youth Development that seeks to empower the country’s minorities and youngsters.

The institution held a conference on July 18 in Islamabad called the ‘Youth Action for Peaceful Elections Project’ and discussed issues such as violence, hate speech and the importance of minorities, such as women, transgenders and disabled people voting.

These concerns were raised as a reflection on the previous elections held in 2013.

Tweep Kiran Qureshi @Kiran_Blogger appreciated the initiative the group is taking: “Youth is the largest segment of society, if you want to change the narrative you should engage with the youth and that’s what @BARGADYouth is doing. #HerVote”

In another tweet, Qureshi highlighted how the group used their online presence to spread the word: “@BARGADYouth used social media as a way to promote women engagement in the electoral process, and also worked in local communities to achieve this. #HerVote”

And Twitter user Sohail Saif Malik @SohailSaifMalik emphasised on how important such a cause is: “No nation can make any progress without cooperation of its women. #hervote”

Some people highlighted the issues that Pakistani women face during the electoral process. Tweep Minza Yaqoob @YaqoobMinza wrote: “In Bannu females don’t even step out for elections due to Pardha [segregation] system but students are encouraging those to cast vote #hervote”

Whereas, Twitter user @KomzHolmes posted: “One of the main issues for women, in regards to voting, remains that the polling stations are too dangerous for them, hence it is less likely for them to leave their house, especially in rural areas. I wonder what @BARGADYouth will do to fix this situation? #HerVote”

The hashtag has become the general basis of discussion around issues regarding the election and encouraging people to ask important questions.

Tweep Hamadullah Sohu @hsohu asked: “Talking about their participation in election - who are physically disabled, who can’t move out from their houses, how can they cast their vote? #HerVote #PeacefulElections”

Families banning women from participating in public matters, awareness and accessibility are some of the issues women wanting to vote in Pakistan have previously faced.