Shaniera Akram, former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram's wife. Image Credit: Instagram

Dubai: Shaniera Akram, wife of former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, is winning praise on Twitter for responding to a tweep’s misogynistic comments.

Ameem Haq, a Pakistani cricket agent who represents cricketer Shoaib Malik, tweeted from his account, @AmeemHaq: “Behind every successful man, there’s a woman who has made substantial amount of chai (tea).”

A lot of tweeps, most of them men, found his comment amusing and added their own wit.

Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan, @IrfanPathan, took it further by tweeting: “Hah. Some men make it better.”

But, Shaniera’s tweet shook things up.

In response to Haq’s tweet, she posted on her official account, @iamShaniera: “And cooked and cleaned and washed and starched and ironed and gave birth and raised all his children and looked after his whole entire family. And went to work for 10 hours each day, made more money than he did and never complained once. But her Chai making was worth remembering!”

Her sentiments struck a chord with many tweeps, both men and women, with most supporting her for speaking up.

Tweep @SilentSidra wrote: “Bravo Shaniera! Men say these things... And how wordless they are when it’s time to acknowledge us. But if you had asked what more would you like? You would receive a 1,000 new ideas!”

@yesir786 tweeted: “Being a woman needs a lot of skills, patience, bravery and courage. Not easy. This is why women should be given due respect.”

Tweep @AnjumHassaan posted: “I hope he said it in a lighter note. Not a very good comment to make.”

@ahmedhessaan added: “One of the best tweets this week. Stay blessed always.”

Some tweeps still justified Haq’s tweet.

Tweep @qasimwaheed was one of them who wrote: “This was not to discredit any of mentioned or thousands of other unmentioned chores she used to perform on daily basis, but to highlight the importance of chai in a man’s life.”

@itismansoor tweeted: “Well indirectly, he expressed his love for chai. I don’t know what was need to get that much sentimental.”

Tweep @tayyab_explorer added: “You are absolutely right. Women are amazing. But, I think this tweet is a funny tribute to wives, mothers and sisters.”