Image Credit: Twitter/@farhanz24

Dubai: An ordinary man in Pakistan has become an overnight sensation on social media for his extraordinary talents.

Hands covered in white paint, wearing a simple Shalwar Kameez and squatting to get the edges neat, painter Mohammad Asif passionately sang songs by Indian musician Arijit Singh while painting the walls of a house.

A video of him doing so was recorded and posted on social media, which immediately went viral. Now, netizens are calling him ‘Paint Wala’ and cannot stop praising his talent while urging people to support the newly discovered singer.

A number of Twitter users posted videos and wrote to famous Pakistani and Indian singers to recognise Arif’s talent and possibly give him a chance to work in the music industry.

User @Tweeterist_ mentioned some famous names from the Pakistani music industry and wrote: “This #PaintWala deserves your appreciation and support. @stringsonline @hamzasays @sajjad_official @Quratulainb”

Tweep Salman Aziz @imSalmanaziz posted: “As Sonu Nigham is not on twitter, who else would be better to ask for an opinion on this than the melodious @shreyaghoshal. So what’s your take on this @shreyaghoshal? He is a painter who loves singing. #PaintWala #Singer #Talent #Viral”

Many netizens urged Coke Studio, a television series focusing on live studio-recorded music to invite Arif on the show.

Tweep Hamid Randhawa @hamidlatif wrote: “Really praying for him to get recognised at national level. @cokestudio guys might want to have a look at his immense talent. #PaintWala”

Similarly, Arslan Saleem @iArslansaleem posted: “@cokestudio at least in coke explorer you can give him a chance.”

Twitter user Saqib Hussain @pakatheart appreciated Arif’s work ethic: “I’m more impressed with his work ethic. He keeps working as he sings. Bravo!”

Arif has already made his way to television. He appeared on a talk show on Pakistani channel Geo TV. Social media users were excited to see him. Twitter user Adeel Afzal @MiaanSays wrote: “You all did it. Pakistani painter (Muhammad Arif) who won over Internet with his voice, talks about viral videos & his life. More power to him. #GeoPakistan #GeoNews #PaintWala”

Rumours of Arif performing on the country’s Independence Day are circulating online as well.