Watch: Pakistan’s viral ‘Chaiwala’ just launched a café
Arshad Khan, Pakistan's viral 'chaiwala' Image Credit: Twitter, Instagram

Remember Arshad Khan, the viral chaiwala from Pakistan? He just opened a tea shop in the city of Islamabad. In 2016, a Pakistani photographer named Jiah Ali had spotted Khan making and selling tea at a small street shop. After she shared his photo on Instagram, Khan’s picture had gone viral, and people started referring to him as the ‘chaiwala’ or tea-seller.

Four years later, Khan has returned with his name trending on social media in Pakistan because of his newly launched Café Chaiwala Roof Top.

Of course, he retained his online identity while naming the tea shop. According to a video shared by Urdu News, Arshad Khan said: “Many people asked me to open the café under my name, Arshad Khan... But I refused because ‘Chaiwala’ is my identity.”

The video shows Khan, looking dapper in a formal blazer and white shirt, which is quite unlike the first photo of him that went viral. The photograph landed him modelling and acting gigs, changing his fate overnight.

Khan added that he focuses most of his time and attention on the café, but he also has two or three TV shows coming up. He said that, at this point, he does not regret the fact that he could not go to school. But, he wishes to start a school for poor children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

Twitter users loved the video and congratulated Khan on the opening of the café. Many others said they were happy for him and wished him luck.