Karachi: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has sought all necessary precautions to avert any possible spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Senior doctors of the country, representing PMA, in this context have strongly recommended urgent installation of thermal scanners at all international airports of the country so as to scan passengers arriving from high risk countries China and Thailand.

They warned that outbreak of the virus induced health conditions in the neighbouring country. China particularly demanded urgent measures to avert any possible impact on local population.

The senior doctors of the country highlighting vulnerability of the locals mentioned that there is a sizeable number of Pakistani students and businessmen settled in China and regularly visiting their homes and could be possible carrier of the virus.

Similarly Chinese nationals coming to Pakistan every day at regular basis can also be source of possible risk as Coronavirus is established to spread through human contact.

“PMA strongly recommends that passengers, local or foreign, arriving from high risk countries and found with signs of fever must be quarantined for 24 hours for essential monitoring,” said Dr Syed Qaiser Sajjad, PMA — Centre’s General Secretary.

It was warned that corona if (God forbid) hits our country would be difficult to be controlled as there is no treatment for the fatal virus.

Prevention is the only way to keep us safe from the outbreak of this virus in Pakistan, said Dr. Sajjad.

It was mentioned that Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore and the United States have already set up enhanced screening measures at their airports for the prevention of Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus itself was reminded to be a serious health risk as SARS that causes upper respiratory tract infection and symptoms of which if not treated properly can lead to lower respiratory tract infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, lungs infection and finally pneumonia, that could turn fatal for the patients.