Islamabad: The news of a Pakistani woman who was granted an Indian visa for her cancer treatment has been greatly appreciated by Pakistanis on social media — the same platform that 25-year-old Faiza Tanveer used to contact Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj.

Hailing the efforts of Indian government, Jamil Akhtar, 33, urged both Pakistan and India to keep the political differences aside so that humanity does not suffer. “Politics should not be involved in the welfare of the human kind. This is a message to both the sides” he said.

“This is great news! After all why should poor patients suffer because of government policies” commented Ahmad Habib, a student.

A young Pakistani doctor, Jibran Javed, appreciated the initiative of Indian government and hoped that the two countries will become friendly neighbours soon. “With such heartening steps, I hope Pakistan and India would also cure the cancer of hatred and finally move towards friendly relations” he said adding: “We are praying for Faiza’s speedy recovery.”

Faiza’s emotional plea and visa approval on the occasion of both Pakistan and India’s 70th independence anniversary give hope to many who long for cordial relations and relaxed visa policies.

“Many people in Pakistan and India long for a time where there is more love than hatred between the two nations. The two countries can only prosper when both focus on development and friendly ties with all neighbours. On this Independence Day, we can, perhaps, decide whether we want another 70 years filled with hatred for each other or a more prosperous and developed future together” says Bina Khalid, a commentator.