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A male teacher from the province of Punjab in Pakistan has been arrested for beating young female students, as seen in viral videos making rounds on social media, on September 16.

Authorities said a First Information Report (FIR) has been registered on behalf of one of the student’s father at a local police station, following which the teacher was taken into custody, Pakistani media reported.

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The parent said two of his daughters, both minors, were studying at the Reformer Academy in the city of Jhelum's Mohallah Khansama area, as per the FIR, local media outlets reported.

The father said in the FIR that his daughters had refused to go to the classes for the past few days and after asking them why, he got to know that it was due to fear of being beaten by their teacher. The incident had caused them severe physical and mental pain, the father alleged.

News of the arrest came shortly after Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took notice of the incident.

Buzdar sought a report from the regional police officer in Rawalpindi over the matter and ordered action to be taken against the accused immediately.

"Anyone who violently beats their students does not deserve any concessions," he was quoted as saying.

Netizens called for the teacher to be arrested after the videos circulated online, allegedly shot at the facility in Jhelum, went viral. In the clip, the man was seen manhandling one of his students, a young girl, holding her by the scruff of the neck, shoving and then hitting her on the back, after which she collapses on the floor. He is heard screaming at them for not memorising the lessons correctly.

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Talking about the issue and sharing one of the clips, tweep @MutePaper wrote: “He is not a teacher, he's a monster because monsters induce fear in a child not teachers. No learning happens under this immense fear and children develop psychological issues because of this abuse. Video is from Jhelum, this monster should be behind bars before his anger takes a life.”

@Bilal_Blunt posted: “Share and raise your voice to arrest him. I believe a true teacher can't do such violence. He is nothing but a beast. Shame on him. Raise your voice to arrest him. A resident of Khansaman Mohalla in Jhelum.”