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A day after their wedding, promising her a trip to Lahore, a man named Usman from Pakistan’s Gujranwala city sold his wife for an amount equivalent to Dh6,600.

The incident came to light recently through local media reports after the unidentified woman escaped her buyers and informed the police.

The woman escaped after three weeks of staying with the buyers Usman sold her to, Pakistani media outlets reported.

Police said that Usman took his wife to Lahore saying that he was taking her for a tour of the city. However, on arrival, he handed his bride over to the buyers.

Further investigations are underway.

While details are unclear, it was reported that she found an opportunity and fled Lahore, back to Gujranwala, to her parent’s home.

Upon reaching her home, she managed to tell the police that her husband sold her for an amount equivalent to Dh6,600.

The local deputy superintendent of police said that a case will be registered after a medical checkup is conducted and upon the victim’s request.

Sharing a news report about the incident, Twitter user @wahabspeak used hashtags to advocate for human rights in the country and wrote: "#Humanity #HumanRights - Man from Gujranwala sells his wife after just one day of their marriage for Rs.Three Lakhs."