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Police have arrested a suspect who along with his two accomplices allegedly forced a couple to commit adultery on a motorway in Pakistan, filmed them and uploaded the video on social media.

A case filed by constable Mohammad Khalid stated that Allah Dutta and Meraj Bibi, both residents of the Faisalabad District in the province of Punjab, were sitting and having a conversation at the M3 motorway gate when suddenly three unidentified men came and asked Dutta and Bibi to commit adultery, according to local media reports.

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When the couple resisted, the suspects started physically torturing them and reportedly forced them to commit the act.

Meanwhile, the suspects named Babar, Ehsan and another unidentified person filmed the couple and uploaded it online.

Police claimed that suspect Babar has been arrested and raids are being conducted to arrest the two others.

A case has been registered against the three suspects.

A police official told local media that one of the suspects, Babar, said that the couple was already committing “immoral acts”, hence, he, along with his accomplices, forced them to commit adultery in front of them.

Ehsan shot the video and later it went viral on social media.

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Reportedly, a police officer said it seemed that the suspects wanted to get money from the couple by blackmailing them. However, after the couple did not give them any money, they posted the clip on social media.

Furthermore, police told local media that a police constable had been made a complainant in the case because often in such cases the suspects force the victims to reconcile with them without any repercussions.