Prices of goats and sheep tend to increase as Muslims prepare to sacrifice animals during Eid Al Adha. Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News/file

Dubai: Pakistan has announced Eid Al Adha holidays from August 12 to 15 making it a long weekend for the government employees and educational insitutions in the country.

According to a notification issues by the federal government of Pakistan Wednesday, official Eid Al Adha holidays in Pakistan will be given from August 12 to 15. However, the holidays will extend up to six days because August 10 and 11 are weekly off days.

“It is notified for general information that 12th to 15th August, 2019 (Monday to Thursday) shall be public holidays on the occasion of Holy Festival of Eid Al Adha,” the Interior Ministry announced in its notification.

Eid Al Adha is one of the two festivals of Islam and is celebrated by all Muslims on the 10th day of Dhu Al Hijja.

The Muslim festival Eid Al Adha marks the conclusion of the important worship of Haj or pilgrimage to Makkah. At the end of the Haj, Muslims throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Eid Al Adha and offer sacrifices of animals including goats, cows and camels.