Milk rumour
Image for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: The price of milk has gone out of control across major cities of Pakistan on the day when Muharram is observed, according to Pakistani media reports. News agency IANS Pakistan has reported that the price of milk has reached Rs140 per litre in Karachi and the Sindh Province.

The article noted that petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan are lower than that of milk. Petrol was selling Rs113 per litre, while diesel was Rs91 per litre in Pakistan, just two days ago.

There have been even reports that milk is sold for as high as Rs140 a litre in some parts of Sindh.

According to a shopkeeper,"Milk is being sold between Rs120 and Rs140 across the city of Karachi due to the sharp increase in demand."

During Moharram, Sabeels (stalls) are set up in different parts of the city to offer milk, juices and cold water to the participants of the holy month's processions. For this, there is a huge demand for milk. Due to the increased demand, the milk prices have shot up.