Meat plays a much more dominant role in Pakistani cuisine. In the capital Islamabad, residents said online food were becoming more and more popular, especially among students and the working class. Image Credit: Instagram

Islamabad: Many restaurants in Pakistan’s capital are witnessing a boom in business, as ordering food online becomes increasingly popular across the country.

A report aired by a private news TV channel said, to keep up with changes in buyer behaviour, especially among teenagers, various food chains were trying to push their services through social media sites by offering special meals with affordable prices.

Residents said online food were becoming more and more popular, especially among students and the working class.

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Abeer Fatima said a number of food ordering apps are guiding the foodies to the best restaurants of the city with their databases.

“Like Google, these apps find restaurants around you with the price range you indicate giving you a fair idea for making a choice,” Fatima said.

Zeba Noman said people were always tempted by discount offers and online food services were well-positioned to take advantage of this as they are always curating discounted food deals from top restaurants in the town.

“It makes quality food from famous restaurants affordable and budget friendly for all and sundry,” she added.

An owner of a fast-food restaurant, Nadeem Baber, said, “Online orders with discounted rates are more convenient, reliable, hassle free and cheaper comparatively as it gives customers a wide range of options to choose from.”

Baber’s restaurant offers deals on Facebook and other social media sites.

“My kids and I love online food service, such as Food On Click, as they represent an opportunity to get food on our door steps” said a working mother Misha Ali commented.

The country’s food delivery industry is expected to more than double by that time, industry executive Saeed Sikandar Mirza said.

All the cities showed the similar increasing trend, but the statistical results showed that Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are on the top of the list in the year 2017-18, he added.

Another online seller said residents were now using online services to order food even for birthday parties, including theme-based cakes and cupcakes.

In short, the internet has penetrated into our lives and everything is at our fingertips now. As a result, we as consumers are benefiting and the e-commerce business is thriving, he highlighted.