Lahore: A full bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry will resume the much-awaited proceedings in the kite flying ban case today.

The apex court had already imposed a ban on flying kites. The Punjab Government wanted a 15-day concession in the ban for celebrating Basant (spring) during a year.

At the last hearing on February 2, the apex court extended the ban on kite-flying and manufacturing till February 10.

The Punjab advocate general told the apex court that the local government had issued a notification allowing the kite-related business from February 15 to March 14. But the bench had observed that the notification was not in line with earlier court orders.

The advocate general said the proposal to set up kite-flying zones outside cities was not feasible, because it would increase accidents.

However, the Supreme Court bench observed that the new permission and regulation system revolved around the district government and the police, while everyone was aware of the performance of the police.