An Afghan border police man stands guard on a wall near the mayor's office in Kandahar south of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, July 27, 2011. The mayor of Kandahar was assassinated on Wednesday by a suicide bomber who hid explosives in his turban, Afghan officials said. The Taliban say they sent the suicide bomber who killed the mayor of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. Hamidi was the third major powerbroker from the south to be slain this month. Image Credit: AP

Kandahar, Afghanistan: The mayor of Kandahar, the biggest city in southern Afghanistan that was the birthplace of the Taliban, was killed in a suicide bombing on Wednesday, police said.

Ghulam Haidar Hameedi died when a suicide bomber set off explosives hidden in his turban when the mayor was addressing citizens in the courtyard of the city hall, police General Abdul Raziq told Agencies.