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Furious lawyers at the Mahila Court (women’s court) in Chennai, beat up some of the 18 men accused of raping an 12-year-old girl for seven months. A video of the incident that took place in the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, went viral on social media.

On Tuesday, Indian journalist @sanjusadagopan posted: “Advocates at Mahila court in Madras HC (High Court) campus severely thrashed 17 accused who were sexually harassing minor girl for over seven months in Chennai. This happened when they were taken back to the bus after the order from the judge to keep them in judicial remand till July 31!”

The video showed a group of lawyers beating the accused in the Chennai rape case after they were brought to the court. It also showed furious lawyers dragging one of the accused down a flight of stairs and beat him up as he pleaded for mercy. Police who were present in the court tried to intervene but were outnumbered by the lawyers.

According to a Gulf News report, police in Chennai had arrested 18 people in connection with the alleged rape of the minor girl at an apartment building. At least 22 men, including security guards, elevator operators and plumbers were suspected to be involved in the assault of the minor girl who had a hearing disorder. She was allegedly sedated and given spiked soft drinks and the crime was reportedly videographed by the accused, who later blackmailed the victim threatening to release the video online.

The incident came to light when the victim finally confided in her elder sister as she suffered from severe stomach ache. The sister brought it to the notice of her parents. Following this, the victim’s mother approached the police and a complaint was filed on Sunday, July 15.

Twitter users were shocked at the news report and had taken to the micro-blogging site using the hashtag #ChennaiHorror to seek swift justice.

After the video went viral, many tweeps came out in support of the lawyers, saying that the rapists deserved to be thrashed.

@rose_k01 tweeted: “These scum who sexually harassed 11-year-old girl for over seven months deserve this.”

Tweep @VikalpGupta18 added: “Instant justice served at face value! Great! Second round for them awaiting inside jail.”

@iVikramJawalkar posted: “Respect for those lawyers who did the right thing... these rapists need to hang, no more questions.”

Indians have, time and again, stressed on the importance of quick justice and faster punishment to rapists. Many have voiced the need to make the country secure for women. Despite an ammendment in rape laws, there is a delay in implementation of judicial decisions.

Crime statistics analysed by Reuters show the number of reported rape cases in India had risen by 60 per cent since 2012 to around 40,000 in 2016, and the conviction rate for crimes against women was generally lower than for most other crimes.

@AdityaPolsani99 tweeted: “Well done lawyers. This is how one should take over law if justice is not meted and or delayed. Child rapes and abuses against women in India are out of control. Every citizen should take law in hand and protect children and women against rapists.”

However, some tweeps said the lawyers had jumped the gun in beating up the accused since they had not been proven guilty yet.

@Oundhakar posted: “It’s tempting to take the law in your own hands in such heinous cases, but they’re still only accused. Their guilt hasn’t been proven yet.”

And @mprasad46 added: “Not excusing the accused, but this is breakdown of law and rule of the mob.”

Tweep @ubeadmansoor posted: “I don’t support public take law in hand.... But today fully support the lawyers... Good they beat such devils.”