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Recently, TikTok was one of 59 apps that were banned by the Indian government. On a mission to save all those who were mourning the ban on this Chinese app, Ashish, an engineering student from Kottayam district of Kerala, India, developed another sharing platform called ‘Tik Tik - Made in India’. It is the current trending application on the Indian Google’s Playstore and is getting huge applause from social media users.

A Facebook user@pratibhagupta commented: "I'm very happy about this app and is really cool to use." Google Playstore has over 250K reviews.

The app was launched soon after the ban, and has already been downloaded 30,000 times. Ashish is a third-year Information Technology ( IT) student at University College of Engineering, Kariyavattom in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala.

Talking to a local news source, Ashish said: “I had earlier uploaded the app under the name BlogsApp. Once TikTok was banned, I renamed and re-launched the app as ‘Tik Tik’. I named the app ‘Tik Tik’ so that people easily register the name. That slight tweaking seems to have worked." He claims that his app is better than TikTok in terms of user experience. “TikTok had a one-minute limit to upload videos. With Tik Tik, you can record videos of any length,” he said.

Reportedly, the popular duet segment of TikTok isn’t available on Tik Tik. With the number of users increasing on a daily basis, Ashish is now upgrading the server to tackle traffic.

Another Facebook user @Ravikrishna123 commented: "Best application and easy to use."

Ashish developed an app called ‘Plugsup’ for his college’s internal communication purposes and another app called ‘Prime Restaurant’, which can be used by restaurants to communicate with their staff. Interestingly, he has also designed a new social media platform which he thinks will do pretty well in the near future.