Dubai: A young Muslim man was beaten up earlier on Tuesday in India for allegedly wanting to marry a Hindu woman. In an incident that left many Twitter users shocked, a mob attacked the man on Monday afternoon outside the Ghaziabad court, Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The video of the incident shared by Indian journalist @saurabh3vedi went viral on social media, with Twitter users condemning the act.

News agency Asian News International shared details of the incident.

@ANINewsUP tweeted: “Ghaziabad: Muslim man from Madhya Pradesh beaten at Marriage registrar office allegedly because he went there to marry a Hindu girl from Bijnor. The couple works at a company in Noida. Police took suo-motu cognisance and registered case against two known and several unidentified persons.”

@saurabh3vedi added: “For the safety reason, they preferred Ghaziabad court instead of Noida.”

According to reports, the couple decided to proceed with a court marriage since their parents were against their marriage. Subsequently, they went to a marriage registrar’s office in the Ghaziabad court. There they were talking with an advocate about official procedures, when suddenly, a group of men arrived who alleged that the man has conned the woman to marry him.

Twitter users could not believe that mob attacks and lynchings have become normal in the country.

Tweep @AbdulkaderMB posted: “The courts in India must close. The lynching terrorists are performing justice themselves.”

Many said that the government needed to take immediate action to punish those who were a part of this violent mob.

@cognitivedin wrote: “These people bring us shame. This is against the constitution and #treason seeking strict action from @myogiadityanath to set things right or else he is supporting polarising politics.”

Tweep @pbhushan1 added: “Muslim man assaulted in Ghaziabad by Adityanath’s ‘Romeo squad’ when he went to court to marry a Muslim woman! This is UP’s goonda raj (thug rule)...”

Some highlighted that under the rule of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party, such crimes were on an increase. Twitter user @mat_jane_de_yar posted: “This is ridiculous... The way it is growing soon they will be number one terrorists group in the world. Thanks to Modi and his Govt for ruining whole India and its cultural and moral values just in four years. But don’t forget Karma (destiny as a result of actions) comes back.”

According to media reports, the police managed to reach in time to rescue the couple who were taken to Sihani police station.

The couple didn’t want to register any case. However, the police filed a case suo-motu under IPC (Indian Penal Code) section 147 (rioting), 323 (causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation).

This is not an isolated case of people being beaten up for marrying out of their religion.

On Saturday, Khetaram Bheel, a 22-year old Dalit man was allegedly beaten to death by a man over a relationship with a Muslim woman, near a police station in Barmer district. The police reportedly said that the accused tied up the victim’s hands and legs, and then started beating him.

@shahid_siddiqui tweeted: “This lynching of a Dalit man for having an affair with a Muslim girl is as heinous and horrible as any other lynching taking place in the country. We can’t allow mobs to take law and order in their hands. Lynching is a threat to the nation and society.”

@dharmik18 and many others felt that communal hatred was growing rapidly and people were forgetting humanity. The tweep posted: “It’s not about Hindu or Muslim anymore, it is more like a human thing! This should not happen with anyone regardless of cast, colour, religion etc, it’s so barbaric but sadly it’s so common today that it’s just another news! Horrific times we are living in! Something needs to be done.”