Thiruvananthapuram: A mock drill conducted on Tuesday, the eve of Republic Day, in Kerala in Alappuzha with the objective of making different departments ready to act in an emergency, has cost the life of a senior police officer.

Alappuzha Deputy Superintendent of Police, B. Ravindra Prasad, was knocked down by a fire force vehicle that was taking part in the mock drill, causing serious injury to his leg. The officer was immediately admitted to the Vandanam Medical College hospital by policemen taking part in the mock drill, but he died yesterday. It is reported that internal injuries had led to his death.

Narrow path

Prasad, 53, was operated upon at the medical college and admitted to the intensive care unit. The drill was conducted in association with the National Disaster Management Authority to promote cooperation between different departments during an emergency. The drill was conducted at the rest house of the public works department and the Employees' State Insurance dispensary at Vazhichery.

Prasad was reportedly controlling vehicles and people near the dispensary when one of the three fire force vehicles taking part in the drill rushed through a narrow path and caught the police officer between the vehicle and the wall, crushing his leg.