Police in Kozhikode, Kerala, raided the house of politician Imbichi Moideen
Police in Kozhikode, Kerala, raided the house of politician Imbichi Moideen Image Credit: Gulf News source

A vial of cyanide was apparently always present in her bag, ready to poison those who crossed her. As per police reports on the alleged Kerala serial killer Jolly Joseph, she was running a real estate business with strong political connections that ensured forged documents got through and those who stood in the way ended up six feet under.

As the six-day investigation by Kerala police reaches the half-way point of her being in custody, the case is beginning to unravel bringing to the fore her numerous alleged accomplices.

The latest revelation has cast the spotlight on Imbichi Moideen, a politician and vice president of the local governing body. His home was raided by a Kerala police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DYSP) Haridas, earlier today.

The raid was conducted following Jolly’s statement during police interrogation that took place on Friday and Saturday. When Jolly was asked where her adhaar and ration card were (national identity documents), she said that they were at the politician Moideen’s house.

He is the local unit president of IUML (The Indian Union Muslim League) and the Vice President of the Omassery Panchayat (a village administrative unit).

Manojkumar TT Koodathayi, a member of the local Omasserry Gram Panchayat, told Gulf News: “The raid began at 12 noon and ended at 1:45pm. The police raided Moideen’s house, a shop he owns and his car simultaneously. Jolly’s ration card was obtained from Moideen’s shop, which sells general cleaning materials and small household items. This has apparentlly confirmed Moideen’s connection to Jolly’s case.”

Jolly Joseph's ration card was found from Moideen's shop
Jolly Joseph's ration card was found from Moideen's shop Image Credit: Gulf News source

According to media reports, he had earlier admitted that Jolly had asked him to introduce her to a lawyer, a few days before her arrest. Other than giving Jolly legal advice before her arrest, he was apparently also helping the accused in her attempt to re-write the will of Tom Thomas, her first husband’s father, who was allegedly poisoned by her. The forged will would pass down the Ponnamattam house and property to her.

Manojkumar said: “Moideen is an influential politician in the area, it was easy for him to get work like forging documents, done easily. Everyone in the area knew about his strong connection with Jolly, they were often seen going into a rented house together, however no one said anything in fear, since he is the village panchayat vice-president.”

Earlier Indian media reports said that Moideen had earlier admitted to the police that he had unsuccessfully tried to pay the land tax of Jolly’s disputed Ponnamattam property. He claimed that he could not do so as the village office had termed it a disputed property, and had borrowed Rs50,000 (Dh2589) from Jolly at some point but had repaid it.

Jolly was introduced to Jayasree, the deputy tehsildar (a tax and revenue officer), who is now facing inquiry for allegedly helping the accused fabricate revenue documents, by Moideen.

As new aspects of the case unfold by the hour, Kerala police are in a race against time to gather the required evidence to present it at the next court hearing on October 16, Wednesday.