An open grave. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Patna: A villager in Bihar has been eagerly awaiting death after getting his own grave dug close to that of his mother’s.

Manzoor Hassan, a resident of Barauli block in Gopalganj district, spent Rs25,000 (Dh1,275) on getting the grave dug under his close inspection. He said he constructed his concrete grave while still alive since he was not sure his family members would bury him near his mother’ tomb.

“My job on the earth is done. Now, I am eagerly awaiting Allah’s call,” Hassan, 70, told Gulf News over the phone on Tuesday. Now, he spends a good part of his time looking after his grave and offering prayers there.

Hassan, a farmer, is popular among the local villagers for the social work he has done. He has built a madrasa (religious school), mosque and school for children by spending his own money. At the madrasa, poor children not only study but also get food, he says.

He said he had built his grave close to his mother’s since he loved her very much. According to him, he never left his mother alone at home. Now, my lone wish is to rest closer to my mother after death, he said.

“I loved my mother too much. So much so much that I didn’t go anywhere leaving behind my mother. When she died in 1999, I buried her near my home so that I could remain close to her,” Hassan explained.

“I have dug out my grave in my lifetime since I was not sure if my wish will be fulfilled by my son,” he added.

Hassan’s bizarre desire has now become a talk of the town.

“This is indeed strange. At a time when a man wants to live more and instantly flies to US for better treatment so as to extend his life a little bit, digging out grave by Hassan conveys a significant message,” remarked HR Ahmad, a schoolteacher.