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Stock crime jailed murder robbery Image Credit: i stock

Dubai: In a shocking incident, a woman allegedly killed her husband with the help of her lover and his brother, in India's capital state, Delhi on Tuesday. She also tried to mislead investigators by saying that the man died due to chronic illness. Hospital authorities mentioned the death as "hanging" on the autopsy report.

According to the media sources, the Delhi police on Thursday arrested 30-year-old Priyanka after she finally confessed to having committed the crime, following a series of interrogation.

Apparently, she hatched a plan with her boyfriend to kill her husband. The woman told police that due to an age difference of 20 years, she was not happy with her marriage. Talking to a local media source, police said: " The woman and her husband had a 20-year age difference, and the couple did not have any child.

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Reportedly, Priyanka had an extra-marital affair with Veeru Burma, who was her sister’s friend. She wanted to marry him, and often visited Barma's home, where she met his younger brother Karan. She later brought Karan along with her, and introduced him as a relative to her husband. Karan then started living with them in their house. The woman, with the help of Karan, plotted to kill her husband by mixing poison in the man's food.

On Tuesday, when the victim started losing his consciousness after having a meal, Priyanka and Karan used a cloth to strangulate him. The hospital doctors alerted the police after seeing visible ligature marks on his neck. Police has arrested Priyanka and Karan, while her lover Burma has absconded.

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Police officials states that according to her relatives, the woman wanted to usurp his property, and transfer it to her name. She would often have spats with her husband for petty issues, cops added.