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Image Credit: AP

Kanpur: The desire to see the Taj Mahal was so strong that a teenager sold off his bicycle for Rs 400 and went to Agra with three friends to see the monument of love without informing their parents.

Sawan, one of the teens, sold his cycle for the trip on his friend Deepak's advice. With the money, the two left for Agra with their two other friends, Abhay and Kishan.

The boys took an auto from the Agra railway station but could not afford the tickets for the monument. As they ran out of money, they worked at a hotel outside the station for Rs 300.

Unaware of their children's plans, the family members of the missing teens blocked the highway after filing a complaint at the police station.

Kanpur Police Commissioner B.P. Jogdand went to the protest site and assured the parents of timely action.

The boys later returned to Kanpur on a train without tickets but did not go to their homes, fearing their parents' reactions.

The boys were soon located by the Kanpur Police and were handed over to family members.