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Yesterday, a 16-year-old girl in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh allegedly beat her father to death, because he used to get drunk and assault her mother. The incident happened in Bhopal on Wednesday evening.

According to an Indian news report, a police official said: “The man was unemployed and lived off the earnings of his eldest son, who works as a mason. The family was dealing with a difficult situation as the man was an alcoholic and would abuse his family. He was especially violent towards his wife.”

At around 6:30pm on Wednesday, the family was sitting together discussing the eldest son’s marriage when the father started quarrelling with the mother again.

Furious and tired of the daily abuse, the 16-year-old picked up a washing bat and bludgeoned her 45-year-old father. He began bleeding profusely, but the girl picked up a lohangi (a traditional stick with iron rings) and kept battering him.

After killing him on the spot, she dialed 100 to call the police and confessed to the crime. She also told them that she was waiting to be arrested.

Bhopal Police have registered a case and sent the teenage girl to a juvenile shelter, which helps to enforce protection, rehabilitation, and restoration of juveniles (below the age of 18 years) convicted for a crime.