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In the Kochi district of the state of Kerala, India, a shop exclusively for COVID-19 protective gears like masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits was opened recently during the lockdown. Social media users applauded this initiative as some commented that the coronavirus pandemic has forced him to change his career.

Abdul Nisar, who was running a chain of hotels in Kochi, is now suffering from a huge loss just like many other businessmen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks ranging from Rs.5 (25fils) to over Rs. 1,000 (Dh50) are up for sale at the shop named 'The Mask' at Kalloor in Kochi. Ayurvedic perfumed masks are also available in the shop. Sanitizers, PPE kits, gloves, and face shields are the other safety items available.

Reportedly, it was the dull hotel business that prompted him to open the shop for selling Covid-19 related items, as it is the present trend.

As many local mask manufacturers are spreading in Kerala, major dress manufactures are also bringing out masks in the local market. Nisar has also started a mask manufacturing unit to meet the needs of his customers. He said to a local news source that to his knowledge, it is the first such exclusive shop for coronavirus related items in Kerala and even in the country. The market is good and apparently he is making a huge profit.