'Good Day' biscuits being compared to the Spotify logo Image Credit: Twitter

Music streaming provider Spotify India changed its profile picture on Twitter to a Britannia 'Good Day' biscuit after a tweep compared the logo of the application to the iconic baked treat.

On June 25, user @tapanguchi shared a picture of the biscuit along with a caption that read: “I offered a Good Day biscuit to my colleague and he exclaimed ‘Spotify!’. Now I can’t unsee it.’

Soon after, the tweet went viral on social media and prompted a flood of reactions.

User @dr_communal wrote: “Different angle of seeing life.”

Tweep @neerjadeodhar posted: “This opinion is art.”

Later, another user shared a post featuring the biscuit as the logo of the music app, which prompted a response from Britannia, the company that sells the butter cookies.

Using a play on words, @BritanniaIndLtd wrote: “Well, our crunchy and buttery #GoodDay Cookies always hit the right ‘spot’... So, coincidence?!”

Spotify India also participated in the discussion and changed its Twitter profile picture to that of a ‘Good Day’ biscuit. Their new bio read: “Even we can’t unsee it now”.

Do you see a similarity between the two?