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Patna: Friendship never dies, it is said.

Two teenagers from India’s Jharkhand state gave a new dimension to friendship when they decided to end their life together just because they had taken a solemn vow to “live and die” together.

The unusual incident which took place in Palamu district of Jharkhand has become a talk of the town, triggering shock and awe.

According to reports, Suddu Bhuiya, 16, was deeply in love with a local girl and both wanted to marry. A twist in the tale came recently when the girl walked away for another man, leaving him shocked and shattered.

Ditched by his girl friend, the youth wanted to end his life but only after narrating his entire story to his 18-year-old bosom friend Ram Janm.

Reports said on hearing his friend’s decision, Ram Janm became very emotional and he too decided to end his life, saying there was no point in living a life without his best friend.

Police said on Tuesday both friends had dinner together before going to a lonely place with a sari (a traditional clothing for women to wrap it around their body) with them. Subsequently, they tied the sari to the branch of a tree and hanged themselves with both ends of the same clothing.

The incident came to light after the local villagers went for farm work on Wednesday morning. Witnesses said the villagers were shocked to see their bodies hanging from the same clothing and reported the matter to the local police.

“Prima facie, the incident is related to love affair but the police are investigating the case,” a local police official Ranjit Kumar told the media on Thursday.

Local villagers said the friendship between the two was very well-known in the area. They would always walk together with the popular Bollywood number on their lips, “Ye dosti ham nahin todenge, todenge dam magar tera saath nahin chhodenge (Our friendship is bound for ever. Even death can’t break our friendship)”.