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After India’s coronavirus lockdown left him famished, a man broke into a roadside eatery, to steal food, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. On May 31, social media users shared news reports about the incident, and said it was “painful” to see such a situation in the country.

Facebook user Amit Rathore commented: “It’s sad to see how poverty and hunger are pushing people to steal for food. It shows how weak our system was in the first place, one problem and it entirely collapsed. It’s only the rich who are okay in this lockdown, the poor are fighting for survival.”

And, Twitter user @Mahnita posted: “These stories are painful.”

Apparently, the incident happened at the Mor 'zhunka bhakar' joint, at Gandhi Chowk in Yavatmal, on Wednesday night, an official said on Saturday.

Reportedly, a CCTV footage showed him breaking the door of the stall, going to the kitchen, eating zhunka bhakri and shev bhaji , popular local street dishes, and walking off with Rs200 (Dh10) from the cash counter.

Social media users also appreciated the owner of the joint, Rajesh Mor because he was considerate enough to not pursue the matter further with the police. Mor refused to file a complaint, “since the man was hungry and was looking for food and the amount he took was not a lot”.

“Glad the owner understood the poor man’s situation. We are in this fight together,” wrote Facebook user Vishnu Iyer.