How to take care of your pets during quarantine
How to take care of your pets during quarantine Image Credit: Screengrab

An all-pet private jet flight that costs Rs1.6 lakhs (Dh 7,783) per seat is set to take place in mid-June from Delhi to Mumbai.

The plane is expected to fly six pets that were stranded and separated from their owners in Delhi, when the lockdown in India was announced, back to Mumbai.

A 25-year-old, a cybersecurity researcher in Mumbai, Deepika Singh, thought of the idea and decided to make it happen. Singh told Indian media that her relatives were stranded in Delhi and she had arranged a jet to bring them back, but some of them were not willing to travel with pets. This led to the idea of an ‘all-pet’ private jet.

Singh eventually contacted a private jet rental services company in Mumbai and made the arrangements.

“The cost per seat stands at Rs 1.6 lakh which is already a little steep and if we do not find six passengers it will be even costlier,” Singh was quoted as saying.

Two more pet passengers are needed since four pets, including two Shih Tzus, a Golden Retriever and a Lady Pheasant bird are already set to fly on the jet.

Shih Tzus Finishia and Michelle belong to Harvinder Kaur, 58, of Chembur suburb, Mumbai. Kaur was forced to leave home, and leave her dogs with relatives, when COVID-19 first spread across the country. When she heard about Singh’s project, she was immediately interested.

“I did not care about money. They are like my children. I miss them terribly,” Kaur was quoted as saying.

The pets will reportedly be accompanied by handlers and necessary precautions and screenings will also take place. The journey is set to take place in mid-June.