Michael Bloomberg Image Credit: REUTERS

Washington: After a Donald Trump White House riddled with intrigue, US presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg on Monday said he’d do business in an “open office” if he wins the 2020 election.

On Twitter, Bloomberg said he would turn the ceremonial East Room of the White House “into an open office plan, where I’ll sit with our team.”

As for the Oval Office, which is traditionally the president’s formal workspace, Bloomberg added: “I’ll use the Oval Office for some official functions — never for tweeting — but the rest of the time, I’ll be where a leader should be: with the team.”

Months after front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, Bloomberg announced in late November his candidacy for the Democratic nomination to challenge Trump.

Bloomberg, a former New York mayor who owns the news agency that bears his name, has a net worth of more than $54 billion (Dh198.31 billion), according to Forbes.

He is using that personal fortune to spend heavily on online and TV ad campaigns, and his campaign is skipping crucial states long toiled in by less well-off rivals.

His rapidly expanding campaign is moving to new offices in New York’s Times Square, Politico reported, where an open layout will feature a desk for him out in the middle of things.