Traffic on a section of the Emirates Road following the fire at the Sharjah factory. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani, Gulf News

Dubai: An Emirati housewife who accumulated Dh150,000 in traffic fines has gone a year without reoffending in order to have the bill waived as part of Dubai Police’s discount initiative.

Amira Esmail, 39, told Gulf News she had several speeding fines on two cars registered under her name, but when the Dubai Police traffic fine discount initiative was launched in February 6 of last year, it gave her hope to get a discount.

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As part of the initiative motorists can get discounts on fines incurred provided they don’t commit another traffic offence.

If they go three months without repeating an offence, they get a 25 per cent discount; 50 per cent for six months, 75 per cent for nine months and 100 per cent for 12 months.

“The initiative encouraged me to follow traffic instructions and be careful while driving,” said Esmail. “I was a good driver and didn’t commit any traffic offences for one year. I was so happy when I checked the Dh150,000 fines in the system and found that it was waived,” she added.

Amira who live in Sharjah, used to drop her children to schools and use the car for her daily trips to Dubai.

“It is a pleasant imitative as I didn’t know what to do to pay the Dh150,000 fines. Thanks to Dubai Police this amount of money is waived now and I learnt to be a good driver on the road,” she added.