Gulf News Edufair
Edufair 2022 is a one-stop shop for everything students and their families need to know about university Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

The final year of school poses a sizeable challenge for students and their families when it comes to what’s next. From the financial side of things – tuition, scholarships, cost of living expenses – to admission requirements, academics and career opportunities, there are a multitude of factors that go into the university and programme decision-making process.

The Gulf News Edufair aims to be the platform that hosts the experts equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise to answer some of these questions by bringing together prestigious universities and career services providers with students looking to explore higher education opportunities in the UAE and abroad. More broadly, it will have expert guidance on the future of careers and the workplace, providing prospective students with actionable advice to take forward.

Taking place from tomorrow until May 29 at the Shangri-La Hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai, Edufair 2022 is a one-stop shop for everything students and their families need to know about university, including admission requirements for UAE- and non-UAE-based universities; details of specific programmes at an institution; scholarship opportunities; accommodation options; and long-term career trends. For visitors who cannot attend in person, there will be virtual component.

In a complex, rapidly changing global and local education and professional environment, Edufair 2022 offers solutions to some of the problems associated with choosing the right school and degree here in the UAE.

For prospective students, representations from more than 25 top universities and ten career services providers will be on hand to discuss both academics and professional opportunities, as well as the pros and cons of commencing university in September versus Winter.

Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

For those going abroad to study, important life skills such as bank account management, health insurance, driving licenses and more, international experts will be on hand to offer advice on the practical side of living abroad for the first time.

Gulf News Edufair will also gather top academics, industry professionals, policymakers, career counsellors and HR practitioners to initiate discussions on the future of higher education; employability and skills for tomorrow's workforce; and how to take an entrepreneurial approach to career development.

Edufair 2022 runs from 11am to 7pm until May 29. Click here to learn more and register.