The festival will feature some of the rarest flowers from around the world Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Tropical gardens, blooming chandeliers, fragrant beds of David Austin roses – get ready to soak in the beauty of the most extravagant floral displays by the world’s top flower artists and designers this weekend.

“Yes, as the three-day Dubai International Flower Festival (DIFF) begins in Dubai on February 22, expect the best of the best from all over the world,” said Manohar Gidwani, festival organiser and founder of Al Lokrit International, a flower industry major in the UAE.

Spread over 2,700 square feet at the Al Lokrit warehouse in Al Quoz, the festival will feature top designers in a first-of-its-kind international competition. Gidwani said, “DIFF is aimed at acknowledging the art of the best floral installation artists in the world. The response to the show has been overwhelming but due to space constraints, we will feature nine contestants, six of whom are from overseas. They include the current world champion Alex Choi from South Korea. Floral artists from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai palaces will also be taking part. One of our own staff will be present too, but on a non-competing basis.”

Gidwani said the competition will entail two tasks. “We are convinced that floral installation art needs an international reference award and Dubai is the ideal place for it. The theme of the competition is “Dubai . . . through the eyes of the world – in floral form”. The first task before contestants is to come up with an installation that suits this theme. The second is to make a floral arrangement that is eco-friendly and sustainable.” He said the artistic displays at the show will be designed by world-renowned floral designer Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium.

“The ultimate aim of the festival is to put Dubai on the global floral map by EXPO 2020. So it is important that we rope in and engage with the best in the industry in our city,” he added.

Entry to the festival is free.

While the festival is open from 9am to 9pm on February 22 and 24, the timings on February 23 are from 4pm to 9pm.

  1. WHAT: Dubai International Flower Festival
  2. WHEN: February 22, 23, 24
  3. WHERE: Al Lokrit warehouse, Al Assayel Road, Al Quoz
  4. ENTRY: Free